About BitGoGreen

BitGoGreen's vision is about creating the next fully integrated green digital player .

Federated Partnership


What is Crypto?



BitGoGreen's Mission is to Pursue multiple routhes to the digital innovation (crypto, fintech - communication). All initiatives under a listed company to create additional value for the shareholders.

Our efforts are centered around building first a sustainable, efficient and powerful network of mining operations that allow us to build operations that will contribute to the growth of the group while bringing consistent value to our investors.

Blockchain Snapshots

A Blockchain is a cryptographically secure ledger that automatically records and verifies great volumes of digital transactions.

It requires a network of decentralized computers to record transactions and archive information

Starting in 2009, Blockchain has been operating on the Internet and expanding worldwide at an exponential growth rate.

Market analysts predict that the digital currency market could take 10% of the $5 trillion foreign exchange market in ten years, effectively giving the crypto market a staggering $1.75 trillion valuation (forecast done when Bitcoin was around $12000). According to global economists, based on current forecasts, the total value of all cyrptocurrencies will hit $10 trillion by 2030. Time Magazine reports that digital currencies will likely replace traditional global currencies by 2030.



GEGR Acquires Rights and Engages with BitGoGreen project focused on mining Bitcoin and other Crypto Currency by integrating the Mining Operations with a hydro-power plant By OTC PR Wire No Comments...
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GEGR Acquires Rights and Engages with BitGoGreen Project Focused on Mining Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency by Integrating the Mining Operations with a Hydro-Power Plant...
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