(GEGR) Strategic Partnership

GEGR provides project financing, development and diversified asset management which is designed to invest in today's global dynamic market. The team seeks investments based on current revenue with accurate data, proven industry management team, and varified property valuations.

BitGoGreen founders' partner with GEGR to build a strong phase for the successful of the project.

What is Crypto?

GEGR Share info

What is Crypto?

Value Proposition


• Having ownership of Hydro-power at production cost
• Green Energy
• Data center in the power plant


• Mine Crypto at very competitive energy cost
• “Green crypto”. No impact on climate


• Accumulate Crypto as assets
• Develop complementary Financial services based on crypto

Success Story

Synergies among Mining and new Financial services to increase share value

Revenue Stream

Strategy for Revenue and Profitability :
1. Start power production with strong assets
2. Move to the core Mining crypto
3. Evolve to financial services
(ex.payment) in relation with crypto currencies



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