Green Crypto

Renewable Energy:

Bitcoin encourages investment in clean energy

Mining Operations:

Bitcoin mining is becoming more efficient


from "proof-of-Work to proof-of stake" protocols

"Green Bitcoin"

To address the climate change

"Bitcoin miners are driving innovations in renewables and power supply,". "They are embracing renewables and efficiency in data centers earlier than everybody else for profitibility reasons."

Vertical Integration

Focus on industrial-scale operational efficiencies, and cost-effective infrastructure build-out through its 100% owned electical contractor, Idroelettrica Torrente Orto S.r.l.


Start-up X-Factors


Project: Hydro-Power Plant

Company : Idroelettrica Torrente Otro S.r.l.
Nome dell’impianto : Torrente Otro
Location : Località Miniere, Riva di Valdobbia – Alagna Valsesia - Vercelli
Renewable Source : Torrent
Nominal Power of the plant : 1583 kW Max power: 3 MW Total year production expected: 10,575 GWh

Industrial-scale cryptocurrency mining facilities powered by green energy since day one. Total initial capacity 3500 TH/s in the site.

Significant available power capacity to scale up mining hash-power and leverage fixed costs



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